What's the goal here?

We are music industry professionals with a passion for optimisation and technology.
We had a problem, no existing solution, so we decided to build it.
As a daily tool Soundcharts saves your time by aggregating most of the online music consumption data (cross market & cross source) and making it available in a single dashboard.
After over a year of open BETA testing we launched Soundcharts commercially in September 2016.

How much does Soundcharts cost?

The pricing is described here you can also ask us for a custom quote if your usage is outside of the described bundles.

How many radios do you monitor?

Soundcharts monitors over 350 radios From the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and Italy all in real time.

How many charts do you monitor?

We track iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Shazam, Bandcamp, Hypemachine. Over 2600 charts from the 'main' and 'genre' categories are monitored. The frequency depends on what the source allows us, we always try to be as close to real time as possible.

How many Spotify playlists do you monitor?

Soundcharts is the largest Spotify playlist search engine. We crawl the web each day continiously looking for new playlists. Users can also add them manually if we're missing one. Click here if that is the case.

Can I try it for free?

Sure, we offer a 15 day trial which is equivalent to the independent plan. Start for free here

Can I get a private demo?

Sure, send us an email with your name, company and the links to one or a couple of your artists facebook and iTunes links.

Can I join the team?

We are looking for passionate developers so send us a quick note and let's talk!