A new approach to Data Analytics

Soundcharts makes it easy for anyone to run a data driven campaign.
The result? Everyone understands what’s working and decisions can be made faster.


Keep track of the Charts

Monitor over 2.500 worldwide charts in real-time and access the historical data. Soundcharts has been tracking iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport and Hypemachine charts since 2014 and archives every rank.

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Optimize your Playlists strategy

Soundcharts is the first and largest playlist search engine. It monitors millions of Spotify, Deezer & Youtube playlists. Soundcharts has automated the playlist tracking process, so that you can spend your time focusing on promotion strategy. You can Monitor the playlists your tracks or your competitors's tracks are in, see at which position and how many followers these playlists have.

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Global Radio Airplay

Soundcharts monitors more than 300 radio stations across 10 countries, as well as Beats1.See plays in real time and historical stats. Soundcharts provides an overview for quick reports as well as an in depth view.

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Measure the social reach

Track progress across multiple social media platforms simultaneously without having to login to separate accounts. Compare social media analytics of any artist’s social page with any other artist. Soundcharts provides insights from millions of Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter and Youtube profiles.

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Real-time Notifications

Soundcharts notifications help you take better and faster decisions while keeping you instantly up to date on your favorite device. The entire Soundcharts database is refreshed in real-time.

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Daily reports

Save time with automated reporting. Receive daily reports that include airplays stats, progress on social networks, positions in the charts and on playlists. All reports are customizable.

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